Managing Sitecopy filters

Filters offer a method of altering data between parsing and mapping. They provide useful transformations that may need to be applied to many different types of data. Here’s a brief list of the types available:

  • Filter Date and Time: Sometimes, date/time fields may not be importing correctly. This correctly transforms the extracted value into a standard Drupal date/time format.
  • Strip HTML: This removes all HTML tags from the input field.
  • Regex Replace: This is an advanced option that uses a regular expression to transform data from one format to another.
  • Trim and deduplicate spaces: This option will replace all instances of one or more spaces with a single space, and then remove excessive spaces from the start and end of the input. Useful if you have excessive whitespace.
  • Strip HTML comments: This option only removes HTML comments from the input.
  • Strip CData blocks: If your content contains CDATA blocks, this removes them and converts the text to plain text.

Unicode sanitization: We recommend using this filter on most data. It converts characters that MySQL may not understand correctly to a better format. If you get weird input characters, this is one option that can help you solve them.

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