Managing Sitecopy mappers

Mapping is the process of taking your parsed values and telling Sitecopy how to save them in the importer. There are three ways to provide values to the importer:

  1. You can use the “Parser Property” to select a property provided by a parser and map it to a field on an import object. This will be the most common thing done.
  2. You can use “Static Value” to map the same value onto every imported object. Use this if your import has the same value for a field on every item. A good example would be importing faculty courses - it is likely that every course will belong to the same faculty.
  3. The “Language Aware” setting allows you to take one parser property and set it to be the English value, and one parser property to be the French value. This is most useful when you are importing from a CSV and will have one column for English and one column for French. 
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