Maps: How to request changes to the map

The following procedures are in effect as of July 2016.

Requesting a new building

Example of buildings on the uOttawa Maps website

If a University building is missing in the map widget (you can verify on the Maps website), then you must contact either Facilities or the Directorate of Communications about having the building added. Ideally, Facilities or Communications would provide the following details:

  1. The building's full name in both French and English.
  2. The building's abbreviation.
  3. The building's code.
  4. The building's address.
  5. The building's geographical coordinates or a reference to another map from which to base the building's shape.
  6. The building's point of entrances.
  7. A photo of the building, if possible.
  8. An indication of what can be found inside that is accessible to the general student body among these things: cafeteria, computer laboratory, microwave, printer, student lounge, vending machine, bike storage areas.

Once approved, the request should be forwarded to the Web Services team with all relevant details.

Requesting a change to a building name, abbreviation or code

For any changes to building names, abbreviations and codes, you will need to contact either Facilities or the Directorate of Communications to have the change approved. Following approval, the request will need to be forwarded to the Web Services team with the exact nature of the change.

To provide some examples differentiating a building's name and abbreviation or code:

English building name French building name Building abbreviation or code
Henderson Residence Résidence Henderson HNN
585 King Edward 585 King Edward KED


Adding a photo to a building

If a building does not have a photo associated with it, you may open a Service Desk ticket to request that the Web Services team add a photo. Note that you will need to provide the photo in your ticket. If you do not have one, you may contact the Directorate of Communications or Facilities to ask if they could provide you with a photo.

Please do not take any photos from the web whose license you are not sure about. Web Services will reject the request if the photo's copyright or license is dubious.

Example of a building photo on the uOttawa Maps website


Requesting information changes on

At the present time, all information changes to any points of interests on the Maps website can be made through the Service Desk help form. For example, if you wanted to change the location of a parking lot or add a new library to the site's map, you could make that request through the Service Desk help form and the Web Services team will handle it.


Requesting new functionality to the maps widget

At the present time, Web Services is not planning on adding any new functionality to the uOttawa map widget. If you absolutely require a new feature, you will need to first speak with the Communications Directorate.

Requesting changes to roads and buildings on Google Maps itself

For any changes to the Google Maps website itself (not the uOttawa Map website), such as road changes, you can make the changes and submit them to Google through the Google Map Maker tool.

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