A document marked as "Proposal" is a document that has been reviewed by another member of the uoWeb for the following:

  • Completeness: The document is thorough and in-depth, providing as many details as possible and walking the user through each step, if necessary.
  • User-friendliness: The language and terms used in the document can be understood by a more general public. Explanations of terms are provided when needed and links to related articles are added to help expand on parts or steps provided.
  • Formatting and visuals: The document contains appropriate screenshots, is tagged properly, its URL structure is correct, and the text within follows general documentation conventions (e.g. using bold to highlight terms found in the interface).
  • Translation: An initial French translation has been provided.

Acceptance criteria

Proposals can become officially accepted once they have met the following criteria:

  • The Communications Directorate has reviewed the document and all changes requested have been implemented.
  • The documentation has been completely translated either internally or, if needed, by Language Services.

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