Responsive content

Since one the goals of the University is to have fully responsive sites, certain things happen which you need to be aware. These quirks are as follows:


  • Tables will always expand to best wrap their data. As such, there are times, especially when a table has many columns, when the table will be cut off and horizontal scrolling will be required to access all of the content. It is for this reason and those listed in Understanding how to make your website content accessible that we suggest tables be used as a last resort (i.e. only be used when the content is tabular data that cannot be represented in a better way).
  • Images will always be forced to a 100% width. After inserting an image into your content, it will try to take the full width of the container in which it lives. You may add a class to the image to make it smaller; the steps to do so are covered in Using the WYSIWYG editor.
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