Setting up a static splash page

Example of the static splash page as used on the University of Ottawa's home page (Show full image)

When the base path of a site or subsite is the same in English and in French, a splash page is needed to allow users to select their language of preference before entering the site.

For example, the main landing pages of the University of Ottawa ( and the Faculty of Arts ( are two cases where a splash page was necessary due to the fact that the English side is distinguished by "/en" in the URL, while the French side is distinguished by "/fr" in the URL.

Creating a splash page

To create a splash page for a site, follow the steps below.

  • First, navigate to the page Modules.
  • In the filter box, search for the module "Static Splash Page". Once you have found it, select it, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the button "Save configuration".
  • Next, navigate to the page Configuration. Under SYSTEM, click on Static Splash Page.
  • In the Variables textarea, enter the necessary variables and their values separated by an equality sign (=). To this end, six variables will used to generate the splash page. These are:
    • title: The text that will appear in the title bar of the browser. Typically, this should be formatted as "French title | English title".
    • image: The path of the image that will be used for the background.
    • page_header_fr: The name of the site in French (visible only to screen readers).
    • page_header_en: The name of the site in English (visible only to screen readers).
    • description_fr: A small description or tagline in French.
    • description_en: A small description or tagline in English.
  • Once done, click on the button Update page.


The following is an example of the values used on the home page of the University of Ottawa: title=Université d’Ottawa | University of Ottawa image=/sites/default/files/default.png page_header_fr=uOttawa page_header_en=uOttawa description_fr=Au carrefour des cultures et des idées. description_en=A crossroads of cultures and ideas.
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