Troubleshooting - issues with Cache

When site updates are not showing up after 12 hours, check the following. 

Check that cron jobs are running on schedule

Check the Status Report:

  1. In Drupal top menu bar, go to Reports and select Status report
  2. Check the date for the Cron maintenance task. The date should not be later than a day. 

check date of cron maintenance task

Check background processes

  1. In Drupal top menu bar, go to Configuration and select Background process
  2. Check the field Default service host is set as your current site, not the authoring site. (This may not have been changed when site was migrated to production.) 
  3. If the Default service host field is empty, select Determine default service host button to determine what the default host is, place this in the Default service host field

Check default service host settings

Check External Cache Control for Varnish settings

  1. In Drupal top menu bar, go to Configuration and select External Cache Control 
  2. Select Tab named “Varnish
  3. Ensure Varnish servers field set to: IP addresses of Varnish servers, (contact Drupal team for details) there should be one host name per line.
  4. Ensure Target Hosts field set to:
  5. Ensure BAN URL’s field set to the specific site you are on: 

External Cache Control settings
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