Panels: Understanding Panels layouts

A naming convention was established for all layouts created at the University of Ottawa. The rules of the naming convention are as follows:

  1. All uOttawa layout names begin with the prefix uOttawa.
  2. The layout must have distinct rows.
  3. Each row is represented by a capital letter, which indicates how the columns in that row are divided.

The table on the following page lists the row configurations that exist under our system. New configurations may be added to this list based on new use cases. Based on the rules above, we can determine that a uOttawa layout has the form of uottawa_XYZ where X, Y and Z represent any of the configurations found in the table. It is important to note that according to rule 3, since a letter represents each row, the uottawa_XYZ layout would be a three-row layout, while the uottawa_XZ layout would be a two-row layout.

* decoration

Example layout

Layout uottawa_KB: The prefix uottawa_ denotes a layout used by the University of Ottawa. The two-letter suffix KB indicates a two-row layout. Referring to Table 1, we determine that the first row - denoted by the letter K - contains three columns of relative widths 25%, 50% and 25% - from left to right. The second row – denoted by the letter B - contains a single column of 100% width.

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