UNIWeb: Standardizing UNIWeb links

When browsing the UNIWeb site, you may come across several different URL formats that point to the same content. The company who developed UNIWeb, Proximify, recommends that you use the following format for linking to professor and researcher profiles on UNIWeb:

  • English: 
    OR https://uniweb.uottawa.ca/?lang=en#!/members/1234
  • French: 
    OR https://uniweb.uottawa.ca/?lang=fr#!/members/1234


  1. With the default URLs that UNIWeb provides (e.g. https://uniweb.uottawa.ca/#!/members/1234/profile), the language of the page is determined by the user's browser. By adding "?lang=en" or "?lang=fr" into the URL, the page always will load in the language specified and is less likely to confuse users.
  2. The presence or absence of "/profile" at the end of the link has no impact. However, UNIWeb's sitemap includes it and it appears to be the form that Google indexes.
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