Uploading documents and linking to them

Before uploading a document...
InformationPlease make sure that the document that you upload is accessible. Refer to the Accessibility Hub's resources page for information on accessible writing, accessible documents, and accessible multimedia.

1. If you are not yet logged into your website, please login to be able to make any changes. Where applicable, login to both the English and French versions of your website.

2. Click Content on the to left

3. Click the Files tab on the top right

4. Click on Add file (Top left)

5. In the next screen, click on Choose File and then click Next

6. Click Save

7. After the upload, you will be returned to the screen containing all the files that have been uploaded to your site. Click on the file you just uploaded.

8. In the next screen containing the file name, click on the file name to open it.

Note: For Word, Excel and PowerPoint files, you will need to right click and then select “Copy link address” since clicking on the file will instead download it. Please do not copy the page URL as this will result in people seeing the file name as in the screen grab below, instead of opening the actual PDF directly.

9. Copy everything in the URL after uottawa.ca.



copy this:

/sandbox-demo/sites/auth-uoweb.uottawa.ca.sandbox-demo/files/facultybylaws-revised- july2013.pdf

(Please note that you need the / at the beginning)

10.Go to the page where you want to insert the link, edit the page then highlight the text you wish to add the link to.

11.Next, click the Insert/Edit Link icon

12.In the Insert/Edit Link screen, paste the link you had copied into the Link URL field and click Insert


13.Enter a revision log message at the end of the page and click Save.

When you go back to view the page, you should be able to see the link you inserted. Clicking on the link should open the document you added.

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