Using Siteimprove to find and fix broken links and recursive paths

Step 1: Switch to the Quality Assurance tab.

Step 2: Under Links, click on “Pages with Broken Links”.

Step 3: Find a page whose URL is invalid. Recursive paths will often be excessively long and are most likely to be found at the end of the list.

Step 4: Hover your mouse over the invalid link and click on the menu icon titled “Inspect”.

Step 5: On the page that appears, review the section “Shortest path to this page from the front page”.

Step 6: Edit the content on the offending page to fix the link.

In the example above, we can see that the URLs #5 and #6 are malformed. Since we know that these pages don't exist, we can surmise that the Funding Opportunities page (#4) contains an invalid link. So fixing that link will correct the subsequent invalid links flagged by Siteimprove.

In some cases, the source of a broken link or recursion may be caused by images inserted into pages or content snippets. Simply resaving those pages or snippets should resolve the issue.

Note: When asking Siteimprove to recrawl a page, make sure that the page's cache has been cleared. This happens automatically roughly every 3 hours, but a website administrator can force an immediate cache clear.

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