Using Webforms

Webforms provide a way of creating forms on your site that allow users to enter data. This data is then stored in your site’s database and the submission may be sent to a set of specified emails, if needed.

Webforms can be used in a variety of scenarios; however, their usage does have some restrictions. Webforms cannot be used to solicit personally identifiable information that could put a person at risk. This is because the forms are not fully secured and the information could potentially be compromised. The following strictly disqualify you from using Webforms:

  • Storing both the user's date of birth and their student or employee number.
  • Storing more than two of the user’s full name, email address, date of birth, student number or employee number.
  • Storing any other sensitive data that cannot be made available to the public (such as credit or debit card information, account numbers, passwords, medical records, home address, etc.).
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