Viewing and exporting submission results

Forms that are made bilingual will have their submission results consolidated, so that the results of users who submitted the form in either English or French will be grouped together.

To view the results, navigate to Content, find your Webform and click on edit. At the top-right of the page, click on the tab “Results”. You will automatically be directed to the sub-tab “Submissions”. From here, you can view, edit or delete individual submissions.

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The sub-tab Analysis allows you to view a basic analysis of the data submitted by users, such as the number of submissions per component, calculations and averages. The sub-tab Table will present the data entered into each field of the form in a tabular format. The sub-tab Download will allow you to export all of the submissions and specify the export format, the included components and a few other settings. The sub-tab Clear provides the option to delete all of the submissions made to this Webform.

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