Création de documentation pour les développeurs

Voici la meilleure façon de créer un document qui sera affiché sur le DLC pour vos collègues développeurs.

Create a document

  1. Create your documentation using the Add Content > Documentation node type.

  2. Use a Title that is easy to recognize for none familiar developer or external contractor.

  3. Make sure to use the URL Alias  development/(title of your document) so the breadcrumb work accordingly.

    1. Types: Select the "type" of your documentation, most common are Tutorial and User Guide (or both)
    2. Release Version: Select the release version if applicable
    3. Status: Select the status of your document, most likely in Working Draft until we have finalized the translation
    4. Topic: Select the Topic, most likely Support
    5. Parent Article: Very important to tag to other document this document related to, this make navigating the documentation much more efficient.
    6. Audience: Select to how this is applicable to.

  5. Sidebar Reference:  Very important to add feedback_small_form in this field. This will allow external Developer to comment provide edit to the documentation. 

  6. Content Group:  The main taxonomy that you will use are:
    1. Translation to be completed: Witch you NEED TO ADD so that we can find the missing translation before marking the documentation as Approve and final.
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