Adding an Organizational Chart


You wish to display an Organization Chart on your website. Example: and

Required modules: Biographical Information; uOttawa Org Charts


Step 1: Create the tree of job positions

  1. Navigate to “Structure” > “Taxonomy”.
  2. In the table, find “Organization” and click on “list terms”.
  3. You’ll be presented with a page of existing terms (if applicable). Click on the link “+ Add term”.
    1. Administrative Title: This title is used for the backend only. Provide a distinctive title for the position and add qualifiers for disambiguation purposes. For example, “Administrative assistant 1 – Dean’s Office”.
    2. Organization Title: Provide the job title that will be displayed in the actual organizational chart. For example, “Administrative assistant”.
    3. This position has no person's attached to it in the chart: If you have a position in your organizational chart with nobody attached to it, checkmark this option.
  4. Once done, click on “Save and Translate” and add the French translation of the administrative and organization titles.
    1. If you get an “Access Denied” error, log into the French side of your website and try again.
  5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 as necessary.
  6. Once done, return to the list of terms you created (Structure > Taxonomy > Organization), then drag and drop the positions up-and-down or left-to-right to organize them in a tree list (just like you would for the Menu of your site).

Step 2: Tag profiles with the terms created

  1. Navigate to “Content” and then search for the profile desired. Edit the profile.
  2. Find the field called “Organizational Position”. In this field, type the administrative title you provided in step 1. For example, type “Administrative assistant 1…” – a list of suggestions will appear. Select the one that applies.
  3. Save and repeat for all profiles associated with terms.

Step 3: Add the Org Chart widget to a page

  1. Navigate to “Structure” > “Pages” and edit the page where you want the Org Chart to appear.
  2. In the left navigation menu, select “Content”.
  3. Click on the top-left gear icon of the region where you want to place the chart. From the dropdown menu, select “Add Content”.
  4. A window will appear. In the left menu, select “uOttawa Widgets” and then click on “Org Chart”.
    1. Widget Version: Version 1
    2. Base Position: The administrative title of the top position (e.g. “Dean”). The field will provide suggestions as you type – select the appropriate one.
    3. Depth: The maximum depth of the tree (i.e. how many levels below the base position you want to display).
  5. Click on Finish. Then Update and Save the whole page.
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