How to translate menu items

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Step 1: Making sure the menu is translatable

  • Navigate to Structure > Menus
  • Besides “Main menu”, click on “edit menu”.
  • Under Multilingual Options, make sure that the Translation mode is set to “Translate and Localize”.
  • Save.
  • Click on the tab “List links”.
  • Click on the link “translate” to translate a menu item. You should see a list displaying the available languages. Besides French, click on “translate” again.
  • Add the menu item’s French title.
  • Click on “Save translation”.
  • You will be returned to the list of available languages. To the right of English, click on “edit”.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Save”.

Step 2: Translating the items in the menu

To translate the URL of the menu item, refer to the section “How to configure language path (URL) of pages” above. 

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