On Campus

Centre for University Teaching (CUT)

120 University, room 106
Ottawa, ON, Canada

The CUT offers several programs, workshops and teaching resources focused on many subjects that can help you promote academic integrity, such as:

  • Developing learning activities;
  • Motivating students to learn;
  • Implementing strategies for efficient, effective and innovative learning;
  • Fostering student engagement.

Academic Writing Help Centre (AWHC)

110 University
Ottawa, ON, Canada

The AWHC provides classroom presentations to professors that offer students the opportunity to improve their writing skills. These presentations addresses the following points:

  • Academic Writing Essentials;
  • Writing with Integrity: Plagiarism Awareness;
  • When and How to Cite: Good Referencing Techniques.

The AHWC also offers, on demand, workshops and presentations on academic writing, tailored to specific needs.


65 University
Ottawa, ON, Canada

The Library offers professors several services. For example, librarians can present to your students the resources and tools they need for improving their assignments.

Off Campus

International Center for Academic Integrity

This centre is a consortium of more than 360 North-American colleges and universities, including the University of Ottawa. It offers various tools and resources for promoting academic integrity within postsecondary institutions.

International Journal for Educational Integrity

This journal has been published by the University of South Australia since 2005 and offers professors articles on various aspects of educational integrity.


This Web site is designed for both students and professors. It contains information on plagiarism such as definitions and the reasons why students plagiarize, suggestions on integrating plagiarism education into lesson plans, and tips for identifying the various types of plagiarism.

Other Universities Web Sites on Academic Integrity

Other universities’ academic integrity Web sites can also be useful for finding relevant information or resources that you may apply in your courses. These Web sites often have separate sections for professors and offer online tutorials.

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