September 2019 Top 5

Posted on Monday, September 30, 2019

September was eventful! Here are a few examples of comments we received and how we fixed it!

What’s in a name?

What was the problem? This past month, we received a comment from a student that had a preferred name, but was still experiencing issues with his legal name being associated to his email account.

What have we done? We have contacted the Enrolment Management team as well as the Information Technology Service and were informed that the inconsistency had been resolved for this student. Moreover, this case arose our attention to an issue that could potentially recur. Therefore, the University is planning on an integration project between the systems in the next year that will ensure that preferred names are applied more strictly, accompanied by a Web page that will explain to students the steps to take in order to complete this kind of request correctly. In the meantime, the Information Technology Service created a Web page to explain how to change the name associated with the Gmail account.

Our thanks to Sonia Cadieux and her team at the Office of the Registrar as well as Jean-Ray Arseneau and his team at the Information Technology Service for their collaborative and comprehensive work to solve this issue.

When are the final exams?

What was the problem? We have received comments from students that find it difficult to plan their term because they do not know when the examination timetable will be posted.

What have we done? We contacted the Office of the Registrar and they agreed to include the exam schedule posting date in its list of important academic dates and deadlines.

Our thanks to the Director of Operations at the Office of the Registrar, Isabelle Mayrand, and her team for working at solving this problem.

Two scholarships are worth less than one

What was the problem? Graduate students receiving an Admission Scholarship as well as an Excellence Scholarship are disadvantaged compared to students only receiving the Admission Scholarship because their Excellence Scholarship, which is of a lower value, replaces the Admission Scholarship. Therefore, obtaining both scholarships penalizes highly successful students.

What have we done? The Graduate Office started a reform to provide more support to its students. This includes changes to regulations that determine the allocation of scholarships to graduate students with higher academic averages to ensure they are not disadvantaged, as opposed to the current system in place. This long process, done in collaboration with other University services, has already begun.

Our thanks to the Assistant Vice-Provost for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Ioan Nistor, and his team for their remarkable work to improve this situation.

Too many emails!

What was the problem? We received multiple comments from students that find that they get too many emails from the Office of the President.

What have we done? The Communication Directorate informed us that both the President Jacques Frémont and the University feel important to communicate directly and update students on key issues affecting our campus, including incidents. Unfortunately, our campus has been impacted by an abnormal number of incidents since the beginning of the year, which explains the number of emails sent to students. These comments have been shared with the President.

Our thanks to Patrick Charette from the Communication Directorate for informing us on the matter.

What seminars?

What was the problem? We received a comment from a student indicating that the list of seminars at the School of Music is hard to find since they are not displayed online. Students have to come on campus and consult the posters in person to gain information about the seminars. Additionally, the advisors were not always informed on the matter.

What have we done? The School of Music Director indicated that there is a list of seminars online with their respective dates. This information was also communicated to the advisors so they are better equipped to answer questions on the matter in the future.

Our thanks to the School of Music Director, Lori Burns, and her team for addressing this problem promptly.

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