Passage de Vandana Shiva à l’Université d’Ottawa

Publié le vendredi 25 novembre 2016

Auteur : Heather McLeod-Kilmurray

Vandana Shiva

Bienvenue à l’Université d’Ottawa!  Je suis Heather McLeod-Kilmurray et je suis professeure à la Faculté de droit et co-directrice du Centre de Droit de l’environnement et de la durabilité mondial (CDEDM) avec ma collègue la professeure Nathalie Chalifour.  C’est un énorme plaisir de vous présenter une des étoiles de notre temps, une de nos héroïnes personnelles. 

La Dr. Shiva est une activiste reconnue pour son travail de défense de l’environnement et des droits de la personne.  Aujourd’hui écrivaine, conférencière et consultante auprès de plusieurs organisations, elle nous présente une nouvelle perspective du monde actuel, tout en démontrant l’importance de faire entendre sa voix.

Avant de passer la parole à notre conférencière extraordinaire, il faut mentionner au moins quelques rayons de son parcours incroyable.  Il y a tellement de choses à dire qu’on ne touchera brièvement que quelques points, pour lui laisser tout le temps. 

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you Dr. Vandana Shiva tonight.  Dr. Shiva is well known to most of you in this room, as she is to many around the world.  She is one of this planet’s most extraordinary people.  The author of some 20 books, recipient of numerous prizes, Dr. Shiva is a leader in the global solidarity movement alter-globalization.

She trained as a Physicist at the University of Punjab, and completed her Ph.D. in quantum physics at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.  In the 1980s, she founded a research institute that became the foundation of Navdanya, a national movement to protect the diversity and integrity of living resources, especially native seeds, and to promote organic farming and fair trade.  Working with local communities, Navdanya’s efforts have contributed to the creation of 120 seed banks across the country.  In 2004, she launched an international college for sustainable living. 

Dr. Shiva’s contributions to gender issues are nationally and internationally recognised. Her book Staying Alive dramatically shifts popular perceptions of Third World women.

Dr. Shiva has contributed in fundamental ways to changing the practice and paradigms of agriculture and food. Her many books have challenged industrial agriculture, and made visible the social, economic and ecological costs of corporate-led globalisation. Dr. Shiva is an outspoken critic of genetic engineering. She has challenged the biopiracy of Neem, basmati and wheat.

Dr. Shiva plays a leadership role in many different boards and institutions, including the Commission on the Future of Food set up by the Region of Tuscany in Italy and the International Forum on Globalisation (IGF), and the National Board of Organic Standards of India.  Dr. Shiva advises not only many NGOs and think tanks, but also governments worldwide, and even Royalty, serving on Prince Charles’s expert group on Sustainable Agriculture.

Time Magazine has named her an environmental ‘hero’.

Asia Week has called her one of the five most powerful communicators in Asia.

Forbes Magazine has identified Dr. Shiva as one of the Seven Most Powerful Women on the Globe.

With her sharp intellect and courageous activism, Dr. Shiva is a force for a positive future – and we are deeply privileged to hear from her tonight.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Shiva!

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