Helping a student

The University of Ottawa is committed to the good health and well-being of its students and understands the importance of promoting good mental health to making it possible for students to reach their full academic potential.

Friends, family members, professors and staff are often well-placed to notice students who are in distress and to provide help. This page was designed to assist them in doing so.

Helping a person in distress (quick guide)

We highly recommend you read and print this new one-page guide to helping others in distress (PDF). It is meant to help campus community members recognize, respond to and refer those around them who need assistance. Displayed and shared around campus, it also becomes a powerful tool to raise awareness around mental health and wellness issues.

Need an accessible version? Click here.

Other resources

Identifying and assisting students in distress

We advise you download our guide to identifying and assisting a student in distress (PDF) to learn what signs to watch for and the appropriate way to approach students in distress. The guide can be helpful to anyone wanting to help a student in distress, whether a friend, a family member, a professor or an employee.

Resources for families and care-givers provides a searchable database of resources for families and caregivers of children and adults experiencing mental health issues. The database is searchable by region and service type.

Parents and professors

The Counselling and Coaching Service provides online information and resources for parents and professors. database search tool

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