Express Coaching

University of Ottawa’s Human Resources offers a new virtual Express Coaching service built to meet managers’ needs on-demand and in a customized fashion. Express Coaching will support you in exercising mobilizing leadership, in recognizing your employees and in fostering their engagement in these exceptional times.

Managers in the leadership program expressed the need for on-the-spot, goal-focused discussions as often as they would like, especially during the COVID-19 circumstances in order to manage stress, to think clearly, to ensure self-care and to support their employees’ well-being during extraordinary lightening speed changes.

Express Coaching is a common practice in organizations that support a human-centric leadership approach – essential in times of crisis! UOttawa wishes to support you and your employees because you matter and we care!

Express Coaching consists of a 45-minute in-the-moment coaching sessions with a certified coach that takes place at opportune times throughout the workday and on line through MS Teams, Zoom or Skype.


Please contact Chantal Boutin to set up your discussion with a coach.

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