Mindfulness Challenge

Four humanoid-animal figures are standing next to each other (a moose with headphones and a Gee-Gee's t-shirt, a bear in yoga clothing, a bird with a uOttawa t-shirt and a squirrel holding an apple).

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Do you feel sometimes your mind is too full? Spending time in the past or in the future and not paying enough attention to the present? This can take away joy and satisfaction out of your life. Don’t kid yourself, this happens to everybody (ok… most people).

Mindfulness is the art of being present. It’s easy to learn but needs practice. It can be practiced anywhere and at anytime.

We have a challenge for you! Take our 30 day challenge to grow your wellness! If you don't want to do it alone, invite a buddy to join the challenge! Become present in life’s experiences and support your mental health. You might even learn how to manage your stress. We certainly think you will!

Wellness is everybody’s business, so make it your own. Register now!

Watch our introductory video!


*For any alternative concerning accessibility, please contact mieuxetre.wellness@uottawa.ca


Register now to the Mindfulness Challenge (free for student, staff, and faculty).

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