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Looking for a service on campus that might help you in relation to wellness, other than counselling or medical? You might find what you’re looking for here!

Academic Help

Academic Accommodations Service

The Academic Accommodations Service works collaboratively with our university community and stakeholders to facilitate the academic accommodation process.

If you need an academic accommodation (e.g. for mental health, general health or any other reasons), you are encouraged to contact them as soon as possible: visit their website for contact info and to learn more.

Other academic resources

  • If you want to develop your writing skills and improve your papers, the Academic Writing Help Centre (AWHC) is there for you.
  • If you are looking for extra help such as a mentor, a study group or workshops on university-related topics, the Mentoring Service is the way.
Accessibility Hub

The Accessibility Hub provides information and tools about accessibility on campus for individuals living with a disability (including mental health-related issues). It also aims to help students, educators and administrators identify and remove barriers to accessibility, to promote and foster inclusion and to improve accessibility for everyone on campus.

Career Development Centre

The Career Centre offers career-related counselling, including psychometric testing and general career counselling, as well as specialized career counselling for students with disabilities and international students.

Until further notice, the Career Development Centre will be offering its services remotely. To make an appointment, write to cdc@uottawa.ca, mentioning the service sought and a few time slots where you are available for the remote meeting.

Carrefour francophone

Did you know that our campus has a student lounge dedicated to the Francophonie? Since 2011, the Carrefour francophone is a community resource and cultural centre where Francophone and Francophile students can socialize in French, thereby spreading and promoting the use of the French language. Year-round, the centre hosts a large variety of events to allow the uOttawa community to stay connected with their culture.

Co-operative Education Programs

The University of Ottawa CO-OP Education Programs are focused on helping you achieve your goals. Their Professional Development Specialists (PDSs) are seasoned professionals dedicated to helping you enhance your job search through workshops and one-on-one appointments.

You can meet their team.

Graduate Student Association (GSAED)

Student Health Plan - Access to counselling

The Graduate Student Association (GSAÉD) offers many services, including the student health plan for graduate students. The health plan gives you access to:

Other services

The GSAÉD offers other services pertaining to equity and wellness, such as the Pride Centre or the Women's Resource Centre. Visit their website to know more.

Nursing Room

Are you a student-parent who you needs access to a breastfeeding room? The GSAÉD manages one, which is located at room 230E, in Déjà-Vu, between Morisset Hall (MRT) (level 2) and the Thompson Residence (THN).

The room can be accessed via a door lock code. Contact the GSAÉD to inquire about access to the room.

Human Rights Office

The Human Rights Office's mandate is to provide leadership and expert advice regarding the creation, implementation and evaluation of policies, procedures and practices on inclusion, employment equity, accessibility, prevention of harassment and discrimination and sexual violence.

Indigenous Portal

The Indigenous Portal aims to provide Indigenous students with all the tools and resources they need to succeed, such as information on the programs or bursaries offered, how to use the library’s resources and how to take part in community activities. The Portal also aspires to increase visibility and awareness of Indigenous culture on campus to ensure that the landscape of the University of Ottawa reflects its vibrant, active, and diverse Indigenous community.

Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Services

University of Ottawa Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Services is your religious and spiritual centre on campus. Their multi-faith team of volunteer chaplains and faith liaisons work together to provide spiritual resources for students, faculty and staff on the University of Ottawa campus. Learn more about their services.

Musician Wellness Centre

The centre offers workshops, events, coaching and clinical consultations specifically designed for musicians on topics such as pain prevention and treatment, hearing health, performance anxiety, mindfulness, etc. Find them on Facebook.

Protection Services

University of Ottawa Protection Services is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To report an emergency: 613-562-5411 (or ext. 5411)

For non-urgent matters: 613-562-5499 (or ext. 5499)

Sexual violence

For issues relating to sexual violence, we recommend that you visit the uOttawa's Sexual violence: support and prevention website.

University of Ottawa Students' Union (UOSU)

Student Health Plan - Access to counselling

The UOSU (University of Ottawa Students' Union) is responsible for the Student Health Plan.

Your UOSU Health Plan gives you access to:

  • extensive insurance coverage for counselling
  • the Empower Me support program. See here for more details.

To know more about the Health Plan, please visit the Studentcare website.

Other services

The Union also offers a vast array of services, such as the Centre for Students with Disabilities (CSD), the Food Bank or the International House. Consult the list of all of their services.

Wellness World

Wellness World is a student led initiative to support student mental health and wellness. Check out their project and register at: https://www.wellnessworld.ca?lang=en

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