Stay Healthy and Connected

Wellness Survey

Survey - March 2021

Thank you for your participation in our second Stay Healthy and Connected wellness survey. We received 1742 responses, representing a 16% response rate overall (74% support & administration and 26% faculty members). The valuable information you provided will allow us to better support you during these challenging times. Your well-being is our priority!

Working in these exceptional times can be challenging and we are grateful for your continued support. Thank you for your engagement, patience and resiliency and the extraordinary work you are doing.

Karina Adam
Associate Vice-President, Human Resources

Results and Resources

Helpful Resources

The following resources are available to address challenges identified in the second Stay Healthy and Connected wellness survey. These resources will be expanded as we continue to adapt to the uncertainties of the pandemic. Human Resources business partners, managers and professionals will work closely with faculties and services to ensure there is dedicated support for implementing programs and strategies to meet your needs. 

Workshops Supporting Wellness:

Health and Wellness Activities:

Websites in Support of Wellness

Workload Management

Recognition Practices


Individual and Group Coaching:

Distance Teaching Resources:


Addressing Mental Health – Actions in 2020-2021

Tools & Programs

  • Individual (515 sessions) and Group Coaching (20 groups, 140 sessions)
  • Workshops Supporting Remote Work
  • Distance Teaching Resources
  • Increased promotion of wellness resources and Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)
  • The President and Provost: Additional vacation days and instructional support
  • 5 New Management Tools and 27 Workshops Supporting Wellness
  • New Websites Supporting Wellness
  • Wellness Programs (EFAP, Canadian Mental Health Association, Bounce Back, Wellness Together Canada)
Next Steps
  • April-May: Reinforce utilization of the 5 new management tools to managers
  • April-June: Release Wellness Check Report with action plan to employees with explanation and interpretation
  • May: Deep dives with employees
  • June: Wellness Check
  • June-August: Develop a Mental Health and Wellness Scorecard
  • September: Wellness Check
  • Fall 2021: Application for Silver Certification - Excellence Canada
  • December: Wellness Check
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