A 25-year history of building legacies

University of Ottawa President Jacques Frémont is seen chatting with a donor and a student.

President Jacques Frémont in conversation with a donor and a scholarship recipient. The Planned Giving program is celebrating 25 years of close relations with University donors.

On July 11, 2017, a reception was held to honour the 25th anniversary of the Planned Giving program at the University of Ottawa. In addition to President Jacques Frémont, several members of the Heritage Circle – those generous donors who have chosen to include the University in their wills – were on hand to celebrate this important milestone.

Among these donors were Brian and Mary Henderson, who described their legacy donation experience: "The University of Ottawa’s Planned Giving team was instrumental in developing the wording for our bequest and future fund. They worked diligently on our behalf and were able to reconcile the University’s concern for wording that met its needs and legal obligations with wording that reflected our intent. The result of these efforts was our decision to earmark a significantly larger amount that could be the basis for a new endowed scholarship — a very satisfactory way for us to express our affection and respect for the University of Ottawa and our support for its students."

As part of Defy the Conventional: the Campaign for uOttawa, the Planned Giving program aims to raise $40 million. To date, some 260 donors, many of whom are alumni, professors, support staff members and friends of the University, have confirmed that they intend to donate a total of $22 million to the University of Ottawa as part of their estate plans. Moreover, we have already received the equivalent of some $8.2 million in bequests.

But we want to look beyond the numbers because our relationship with you is what matters most. We consider it a privilege to guide you through the legacy donation process and we insist on properly documenting your intentions so that when the time comes, we can quickly launch your project to benefit students.

As Planned Giving team members, we stand ready to assist you in finding the best way to meet your philanthropic goals, just as we have helped the Hendersons and hundreds of other donors over the past 25 years. To learn more, feel free to contact us at heritage@uOttawa.ca or visit our website.

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