Leaving an imprint on the soul of the world

The Dr. Roger Brault and Dr. Anna Maria Brault Scholarship empowers and inspires new generations of physicians and surgeons to deploy their special talents as positive forces around the world.

Recent Brault scholarship recipients Jessica Kapralik, MD '16 (left), and Christine Last, MD '12, discussing their experiences at uOttawa.

Roger and Anna Maria Brault enjoyed long, meaningful careers during which they dedicated their medical training to enabling men and women around the world to live healthier, more fulfilling and more dignified lives. The legacy of their unwavering devotion to enhancing others' quality of life endures.

In 1999, the husband-and-wife medical team endowed the Dr. Roger Brault and Dr. Anna Maria Brault Scholarship at uOttawa's Faculty of Medicine. Since then, the fund has provided $2,000 each to more than 100 emerging physicians and surgeons — not merely to provide financial assistance, but also to inspire them to emulate the Braults' example of serving others.

Our university has been the perfect platform to further Roger and Anna Maria's legacy of giving and caring. The couple met as students at our medical school, married soon thereafter and graduated in 1957 as co-valedictorians of their class. They moved to Hawaii to complete their residencies and quickly became fixtures in their new island home, Roger serving as chief of staff at Castle Memorial Hospital in Kailua and Anna Maria becoming the first woman doctor at the Straub Clinic and Hospital in Honolulu.

But their adventure together was just beginning. The life partners soon formed a professional partnership, opening their own medical office in Kailua. Roger and Anna Maria spent the remainder of their careers not only serving the people of their community, but also devoting many months ministering to patients in developing countries around the world as part of the Catholic Medical Mission. The remarkable duo were also pioneers in hospice care, playing instrumental roles in founding Hospice Hawaii, allowing many people facing terminal illnesses to die with dignity in a place of care, comfort and love.

"Enveloped by staggering amounts and degrees of suffering at home and around the world, my wife and I had a burning desire to do something that would leave an indelible imprint on the soul of the world," says Roger. "We spent our entire careers acting on that desire. By setting up a fund that grants scholarships to budding physicians and surgeons, we're continuing our mission, encouraging new generations of humanitarians to make visible impressions of their own on this planet and its people. That's a legacy Anna Maria and I wanted to leave to the world. I can think of none better."

Make your own mark

Contributing to a scholarship fund at the University of Ottawa or naming a faculty as beneficiary of a retirement plan, life insurance policy or trust — as the Braults did — is a perfect way to extend the good works of your career.

For more information, call 1-888-352-7222 to speak to one of our development professionals, or email us at heritage@uOttawa.ca.

Drs. Anna Maria Brault and Roger Brault in their 1957 graduation photos.


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