Heritage Circle 2017

The Heritage Circle was created to honour those individuals who have confirmed a gift to the University of Ottawa in their estate plan.

The University of Ottawa is committed to acknowledging and showing its appreciation for every donation. The Heritage Circle was created to honour those individuals who have confirmed a gift to the University of Ottawa in their estate plan.

Our sincere appreciation to the 2017 members of the Heritage Circle:

Albert Giordano Doreen Aspila John Cowan Nalini Perera
Allan Keon Douglas C. Cryderman John Hunter Neil Boyle
André Bergeron Dr. Dorothy M. Horwood John Ouellette Nicole Bégin-Heick
André Lapierre Dr. Moshe Nahir and Dr. Tsippi Guttmann-Nahir John Townesend Nicole Bélanger-Drapeau and Michel Drapeau
André Lemire Elise Hynes Joseph G. Bertrand Nora MacDonald
André Sylvestre Elizabeth Hayden Judith Lermer Crawler Noëlla J. Beausoleil
Andrée émond-Potvin and Yvon Potvin Elizabeth Mills Karen Burke and Marc DeFrancesco Pamela Darragh
Anita Malhotra Erick Marquis Keith Phillips Pamela M. Elder
Anne Le Dressay, Ph.D. Ernst Kuechmeister L'Abbé André Samson Ph.D Paul Bender
Arlette Henry Fred Bennett Leonard Hill Paul and Shari Gagné
Arthur and Maria Roy George Ellement Linda Hancock Paul-François
Barbara Joan Cook Gilles Faubert Lisa St.Louis Paule Ouimet-Scott
Barrett Adams Gilles Grenier and Juliet Howland Lise Lagacé and Louis Brien Courtemanche Peter S. Demski
Bernard Séguin and Jean Stone Gloria McDowell Louis-Philippe Boucher and Denise Doyon Philip Churchill
Bernice Lovering Glynis Ellerington and Meryn Stuart Louise Tardif Philip Morgan
Brian Gay Graham Wright Lucienne Nicolay Pierre Berthiaume
Brian James Henderson Guillermo E. Devoto Lynn Boudrault Pierre Calvé
Camille Villeneuve Guy Larocque Magdalena Creedy Pierre-Louis Vaillancourt
Catherine Bielajew Gwynneth Thomas-Reid Malti Kesarwani Rahul Kesarwani
Christine A. Hiller Gérald and Solange McNeely Margaret A. Fry René Lupien
Christopher Boal Hans Uhthoff Margaret Roussel Robert Décary
Claire Holmes Harold and M. Young Marie Fleming Robert Taylor
Claire Laforest Ian Telfer and family Marie Traversy Robert and Shirley Datars
Constance Nozzolillo Idris Ben-Tahir, BA'75 Marie des Anges Loyer Roger Brault
Craig Haynes and Jeannine Ritchot Ivanhoe Frigon Marie-Claude Jean and Sylvain Leduc Roger Payant
Dana Mullen Jacqueline and Kenneth Guarisco Marilyn and Robert Letts Ron Thomas
Daniel Brunette James Mullin Marjorie Kennedy and Michael P.J. Kennedy Ronald Dansereau and Nicole Tremblay
Danielle Richer and Michel Robert James Sloan Marlene Best Shawn Singh
David Makow Jean-Paul Sevill Martin Lazar Stanley and Suzanne Oleksiuk
David McLimont Jean-Philippe Varin Martin Méthot and Robert Ryan Susan Eon
David and Shelagh Williams Jeanne d'Arc Sharp Maurice Masar Suzanne Faure
Deborah Smith-Sauvé Jennifer Oades Maurice Prevost Suzanne Gouin-Boudreau and Joseph André Boudreau
Deirdre Nicholds Megill Joan Baker Michael Richard Sylvestre Peter Tanguay, M.D.
Denis Caro Joan Davis Michel Bastarache Terence M. Currie
Denis Roberge Joan MacDonald Micheline Beaudry-Somcynsky Teza Lwin
Denise Lavigne Joanna Estelle Mike Lahey Walter Hader
Denise Werker Joanne and Marc Villemaire Monique Archambault and Guy Dupuis Wanda Thomson
Diane Gameiro-Sutton Jocelyne Bessette Monique Lortie-Lussier Winifred Drew
Diane Richer Johanna Hickey Mychelle Gay Wynn Quon
Dino Testa John A. King, MHA 1979 N. Léo Benoiton Xin Ren
Dominique Boulais John Brockway and Francine Schutzman Nadine Poznanski Yolande Laurencelle
Donald Clarke and Alicia Natividad John Clayton Nadine Saumure Yves P. Masse
Anonymous donors (64)

Legacy gifts can often go unrecognized during a donor’s lifetime, and the University is not always aware of a donor’s intentions. For this reason, we invite you to contact us so that the proper documentation is in place to ensure that the University fulfills your intentions when the gift comes into effect.

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