About Official Calendars

About the Official Calendars The calendars provide complete information on undergraduate programs and courses offered by the University of Ottawa for the current academic year. The information contained here is updated annually in March.

What you will find in the calendars:

  • Faculty Calendars - Complete information concerning undergraduate programs and courses offered by the University of Ottawa.
  • Programs of Study - Allows you to search an undergraduate program of study and its requirements by discipline, program type or faculty.
  • Courses - Allows you to search undergraduate courses by faculty, discipline or course code.
  • Archived Calendars - Provides previous versions of the calendars.
  • Regulations - Provides Academic and Faculty regulations.
  • Academic Streams - Provides information on Cooperative Education, French Immersion and National and International Exchanges.
  • Course Timetable and Registration
  • Suggested Course Sequence - Recommended course of study for the Faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Sciences and Health Sciences.
  • Faculties and Departments - Provides links to all faculties and departments.
  • Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Calendars

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