French Studies

If French is your second language and you're hoping to have an immersion experience in France, learn more about French-language culture and literature, or teach French in an English-language setting, then the French Studies program offered by the Département de français is just what you need.

You start by taking language courses for non-Francophones to improve your French-language skills. Then, you can study the cultures and literatures of France, Quebec, the Franco-Ontarian community and other Francophone communities by taking courses for non-Francophones, all of which include cultural, linguistic and literary components. This is an ideal formula if your goal is to teach French as a second language.

(If you are interested in teaching in elementary or high school, you will have to add a BEd in the Faculty of Education to your first degree.)

Another advantage of the French Studies program: it allows you to pursue a master's in French, which will give you the opportunity to teach at the college level or open the door to very interesting careers, for example, in the public service.