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School of Information Technology and Engineering (SITE)

DELISLE, Gilles Y. BASc, PhD(Laval), PEng, ing, FIEEE, FEIC, MCAE, Professor
ABOULNASR, Tyseer BSc(Cairo), MSc, PhD(Queen’s), PEng, Professor
ADLER, Andy BASc(UBC), PhD(Poly, Montréal), Assistant Professor
AL-DHAHER, Abdul H. BSc(Basrah), PhD(Kent-Canterbury), Assistant Professor
AMYOT, Daniel BSc(Laval), MSc, PhD(Ottawa), Assistant Professor
BARRIÈRE, Caroline BEng, MASc(Poly, Montréal), PhD(SFU), ing, Assistant Professor
BERINI, Pierre BESc, BSc (Western), MASc, PhD(Poly, Montréal), Associate Professor
BETEL, Heather BASc, MASc(Waterloo), MSc(Toronto), Lecturer
BOCHMANN, Gregor V. MSc(Munich), PhD(McGill), FIEEE, Professor
BOUCHARD, Martin BEng, MEng, PhD(Sherbrooke), ing, Associate Professor
BOYD, Sylvia C. BSc, MASc, PhD(Waterloo), Associate Professor
BRABEC, Thomas MA, PhD(Vienne), Professor
CADA, Michael DipIng(Tech University, Prague), PhD(Academy of Sciences, Prague), PEng, Professor
CHARALAMBOUS, Charalambos BA, MA, PhD(Old Dominion), Associate Professor
COSTACHE, George DipEng, DrEng(PolyIBuc), PEng, FIEEE, Professor
D'AMOURS, Claude D. BASc, MASc, PhD(Ottawa), Assistant Professor
DOBREV, Stefan MSc, PhD(Comenius U, Bratislava, Slovakia), Assistant Professor
DUBOIS, Eric BEng, MEng(McGill), PhD(Toronto), PEng, FIEEE, Professor
EL SADDIK, Abdulmotaleb DipIng, DrIng(Darsmstadt University of Technology, Germany), Assistant Professor
FELTY, Amy BA(Colgate), MSE, PhD(Pennsylvania), Associate Professor
FLOCCHINI, Paola M.S. MS, BASc, PhD(Milan), Associate Professor
FRIZE, Monique BASc, DIC, MPhil(Imperial), MBA(Moncton), Doc(Erasmus, Ned), DU, DSc(York), DEng(Lakehead), PEng, FCAE, OC, Professor
GALKO, Peter A. BASc, MASc, PhD(Toronto), PEng, Associate Professor
GENEST, Jérôme BSc, PhD(Laval), ing, Assistant Professor
GEORGANAS, Nicolas D. DipIng(Athens), PhD(Ottawa), PEng, FRSC, FCAE, FIEEE, FEIC, Professor
GIBBONS, David T. BEng, PhD(Liv), PEng, CEng, FIEE, Professor
GROZA, Voicu DipIng, DrEng(Poly I Tms), Assistant Professor
HABASH, Riadh W.Y. BSc, MSc(Mosul, Iraq), PhD(IISc, Bangalore), Lecturer
HALL, Trevor BA, MA(Cambridge, UK), PhD(London, UK), Professor
IONESCU, Dan I.-A. DipEng(Poly I Buc), DiplMat(U Tms), DrEng(Poly I Buc), PEng, Professor
JAPKOWICZ, Nathalie BSc(McGill), MSc(Toronto), PhD(Rutgers), Assistant Professor
KARMOUCH, Ahmed DipUT, MSc, DipEA, DrUniv(Poly Tlse III), Professor
KIRINGA, Iluju BSc, MSc(Bonn, Germany), PhD(Toronto), Lecturer
LAGANIÈRE, Robert BGénie(Poly, Montréal), Msc, PhD (INRS- Telecommunications), ing, Assistant Professor
LETHBRIDGE, Timothy C. BSc, MSc(NB), PhD(Ottawa), Associate Professor
LOYKA, Sergey MS(Minsk Radioengineering Institute, Minsk, Belarus), PhD(University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR), Minsk, Belarus), Assistant Professor
MAKRAKIS, Dimitrios DipEng(Patras), MASc, PhD(Toronto), Associate Professor
MARCHAND, Mario BSc, MSc, PhD(Sherbrooke), Associate Professor
MATWIN, Stanislaw MSc, PhD(Warsaw), Professor
MCNAMARA, Derek A. B.Sc.(Eng)(CapeTown), MSc(Ohio State), PhD(CapeTown), Professor
MIRI, Ali BSc, MSc(Toronto), PhD(Waterloo), Assistant Professor
MOUFTAH, Hussein T. BSc, MSc(Alexandria, Egypt), DSc(Laval), PEng, Professor
MOURA, Lucia BSc, MSc(Sao Paulo), PhD(Toronto), Assistant Professor
NAYAK, Amiya BMath(Waterloo), MCS, PhD(Carleton), Associate Professor
OROZCO-BARBOSA, Luis BE(UAM, Mexico), DipEA(INPG, France), DrUniv(Paris VI, France), Professor
PAYEUR, Pierre BScA, MSc, PhD(Laval), ing, Assistant Professor
PETRIU, Emil DipEng, DrEng(Poly I Tms), PEng, Professor
PEYTON, Liam BSc(McGill), MSc(Stanford), PhD(Aalborg), Assistant Professor
PROBERT, Robert L. BSc, MSc, PhD(Waterloo), Professor
RAYMOND, Jacques DocIng(Paris), PEng, Associate Professor
ROUX, F. Stefanus BEng, MEng, PhD(Pretoria), PhD(Toronto), Associate Professor
SELLINGER, Peter Vordip(Germany), PhD(Pennsylvania), cross-appointment with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
SKUCE, Douglas R. BEng(Miami), MEng, PhD(McGill), Professor
SOMÉ, Stéphane Soteg MSc, PhD(Montréal), Assistant Professor
STOJMENOVIC, Ivan BSc, MSc, PhD(Yugoslavia), Professor
TURCOTTE, Marcel BSc, MSc, PhD (Montréal), Assistant Professor
URAL, Hasan BSc(METU, Ank), MSc(HU, Ank), PhD(Ottawa), Professor
VIKTOR, Herna BSc, BScHons, MSc, PhD(Stellenbosch), Assistant Professor
WILLIAMS, Alan BMath, MMath(Waterloo), PhD(Ottawa), Assistant Professor
YAGOUB, Mustapha C.E. BSc, MSc(ENPA, École Nationale Polytechnique d'Alger), PhD(INPT, Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, France), PEng, Associate Professor
YAMAKAMI, Tomoyuki BSc(Tsukuba), MSc(Shizuoka), PhD(Toronto), Assistant Professor
YANG, Oliver BASc, MASc(Toronto), PhD(Waterloo), PEng, Professor
YAO, Jianping BSc, MEng(Wuhan), PhD(Toulon), Assistant Professor
YEAP, Tet-Hin BASc(Queen’s), MASc, PhD(Toronto), Associate Professor
YONGACONGLU, Abbas BSc(Bogazici), MEng(Toronto), PhD(Ottawa), PEng, Professor
ZAGUIA, Nejib MSc(Lyon), PhD(Calgary), DSc(Lyon), Associate Professor
ZHAO, Jiying BE, ME, PhD(North China Electric Power University), PhD(Keio University, Japan), Assistant Professor
Adjunct Professors
ABU-HAKIMA, Suhayya BEng(McGill), MEng, PhD(Carleton) 
BOULANGER, Pierre BSc(Laval), MSc, PhD(Montréal) 
CHROSTOWSKI, Jacek BSc, MSc, PhD(Warsaw), PEng 
CZYZOWICZ, Jurek MMath, PhD(Warsaw) 
DELANNOY, Jean-François MA(Pau), MA(Rouen), PhD(Aix-Marseille) 
HOLTE, Robert C. BSc, MSc(Manitoba), PhD(Brunel) 
JAY, Paul BSc, PhD(Nottingham) 
LOGRIPPO, Luigi LL(Rome), MSc(Manitoba), PhD(Waterloo) 
PANCHANATHAN, Sethuraman BSc(Madras), BEng(IISc, Bangalore), MTech(IIT, Madras), PhD(Ottawa), PEng 
RIVEST, Jean-François BASc(Laval), MASc(Polytechnique, Montréal), DiplEA(Paris VI), PhD(École des mines de Paris), PEng 
ROY, Langis BASc(Watweloo), MEng, PhD(Carleton) 
WHITE, George M. BASc(Toronto), MSc(Alberta), PhD(Calgary) 
Professors Emeriti
AHMED, Nasir Uddin BSc(Eng)(Dacca), MSc, PhD(Ottawa), PEng, cross-appointment with the Department of Mathematics and Statistics
BIRTA, Louis G. BASc(Toronto), PhD(Case) 
DAS, Sunil R. BSc, MSc, PhD(Calc), FIEEE 
OREN, Tuncer MSc(TUI), PhD(Ariz) 
STEENAART, Willem J.D. DipEEng, DEEng(TUDelft), PEng 


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