Faculty of Education (Teacher Education)


Our new two-year, full-time teacher training program has been designed to reflect the latest educational research and is tailored to the needs of our school-based partners.

The two years of training you are about to undertake promises to be very enriching, not only academically, but also personally, socially and professionally. During your training, you will take a range of courses and several professional development workshops that will equip you to take on the classroom challenges you will face as a new teacher. At the end of your training, you will know how to teach innovatively and will have become a true educational professional.

Our faculty members seek to use the latest technology to deliver course content, so they offer courses not only in campus classrooms but also online.

The Faculty is an interdisciplinary and intercultural hub where discussion deepens our understanding of the world and fosters harmonious social development.

We invite you to make the most of this enriching environment to fulfill your potential and contribute to the future of our communities.

We look forward to helping you make our Faculty your own!

Raymond Leblanc
Interim Dean

Disciplines offered