Joint Honours BSocSc in Women's Studies and Sociology
Joint Honours BSocSc in Women's Studies and Sociology

The French immersion stream is available with this program.

ENG1100 Workshop in Essay Writing 3
Three credits from:
ENG1120 Literature and Composition I: Prose Fiction 3
ENG1121 Literature and Composition II: Drama and Poetry 3
Methodology (3 credits)
FEM2103 Methodology in Women's Studies 3
SOC2111 Methodological Principles in Sociology 3
Women's Studies (36 crédits)
FEM1100 Introduction to Women's Studies 3
FEM2107 Women, Racism and Power 3
FEM3105 Feminist Theories 3
FEM4102 Seminar in Women's Studies 3
Three credits from:
HIS2182 Women in Canada 3
HIS2183 Women in Western Societies to the Eighteenth Century 3
HIS2184 Women in Western Societies from the Eighteenth Century to the Present 3
HIS3181 History of the Women's Movement 3
Nine optional credits at the 3000 level and above from the list
Three optional credits at the 4000 level from the list
Nine optional FEM credits from the list
Sociology (45 credits)
SOC1101 Principles of Sociology 3
SOC2300 Analysis of Scientific Thought 3
SOC2304 Marx and Marxist Analysis 3
SOC2305 Durkheim and Functionalist Analysis 3
SOC3106 Weber and Weberian Analysis 3
SOC3117 Qualitative Research Laboratory 3
SOC3142 Quantitative Data Analysis 3
SOC3312 Theoretical Currents in Contemporary Sociology 3
SOC4117 Quantitative Research Laboratory 3
Six optional SOC credits
12 optional SOC credits at the 4000 level
30 elective credits
List of Optional Courses
List of Optional Courses
APA4114 Equity as a Professional Issue in Physical Activity and Health 3
ART3117 Art and Gender 3
CLT1155 The Celtic Woman: Between Myth and Reality 3
CML3393 Lesbian and Gay Legal Issues 3
CMN3104 Women and the Media 3
CRM2307 Women, Justice and Victimization 3
CRM3307 Women, Justice and Criminalization 3
CRM4312 Women and Justice 3
ECO2111 Economics of Women's Issues 3
ENG2235 Women in Literature 6
FEM2104 Women and Health 3
FEM2105 Women and Education 3
FEM2106 Women in Science and Engineering 3
FEM2108 Aboriginal Women's Issues 3
FEM3100 Special Topic in Women's Studies 3
FEM3104 Feminism, Justice and the Law 3
FEM3106 Women and Development 3
FEM3301 Women's Issues in Canada 3
FEM3303 Feminist Activism 3
FEM4101 Directed Studies 3
FRA2530 La littérature et la femme 3
FRA3530 Écriture au féminin 3
FRA4530 La critique féministe 3
GEG4716 Femmes et espaces 3
HIS4182 Seminar in Women's History 3
LSR3123 Women and Leisure 3
PAP3325 Gender and Public Policy 3
PHI2390 Philosophical Issues in Women's Studies 3
POL3126 Women and Politics 3
POL3563 Politique et diversité sexuelle 3
POL4123 Gender and International Relations 3
POL4180 Feminist Political Thought 3
PSY3121 Psychology of Women 3
SOC2104 Women, Men and Society 3
SOC3306 Social Structures and Relations between the Sexes: Comparative Analysis 3
SOC4301 Sociology of Gender Relations: Selected Topic 3
SOC4314 Gender Relations, Development and Globalization 3
SRS2211 Women and Religions 6
SRS3163 Women in Early Christianity 3
SRS3165 Gender and Religion 3
SVS3520 Construction des identités_sexuelles et service social 3
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