BASc in Computer Engineering, Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship Option


Co-operative education is available with this program.

To follow this option, students must complete the following courses in addition to those required for the BASc in Computer Engineering. Students who complete the Management and Entrepreurship option are exempted from two technical electives and three complementary studies electives.
Compulsory courses :
ADM1100 Introduction to Business Management 3
ADM1340 Financial Accounting 3
ADM2320 Marketing 3
ADM3313 New Venture Creation 3
GNG4170 Engineering Law 3
3 optional course credits from the list of optional courses in Engineering Management and Entrepreneurship option
List of Optional Courses
List of Optional Courses
List of electives for the management and entrepreneurship option:
ADM1101 Social Context of Business 3
ADM2336 Organizational Behaviour 3
ADM3318 International Business 3
ADM3319 Cross-Cultural Management 3
ADM3326 Advertising and Sales Promotion Management 3
GNG4120 Technology Entrepreneurship for Engineers and Computer Scientists 3
GNG4171 Intellectual Property and Technology Law for Engineers 3
PHI2397 Business Ethics 3