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Six University of Ottawa French-speaking researchers: Stéphanie Gaudet, Janaína Nazzari Gomes, François Larocque, André Lecours Mwali Muray and Lucie Hotte

For me, the Francophonie is …

Six University of Ottawa researchers dive into the topic to explain what the Francophonie means to them, what it represents, and why it’s important to conduct research and mobilize knowledge in French.
Watch the inspiring video and read their quotes to find out more.

For me, the Francophonie is …


Activities| Francophonie

March 1 to March 31

The uOttawa community is coming together to celebrate the Mois de la Francophonie this March, in all its diversity and culture. Come take part in the many activities — from Poutine Fest to a concert with Lydia Képinski, there’s something for everyone. See our calendar of events.

Centre for International Policy Studies

March 30

Olúfẹ́mi Táíwò examines the erasure of African-produced knowledges in global discourses, even those concerning Africa. In this lecture, he argues that some causes can be traced to motivations behind the decolonization scholarship he asks that we dispense with in his recent book.

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