The University of Ottawa community gardens bring us closer to each other, so we can work together as students, staff members and neighbours. In a sense, community gardens help us create long-term relationships and lasting friendships.

The University hopes that community gardens will help bridge the urban/green space divide, providing an opportunity for people to interact and enjoy green space on campus. Furthermore, we hope that community gardens will help raise awareness about the importance of growing food in the local community.

Where are the community gardens on campus?

  • UCU alcove (mobile garden plots near the entrance to the dining hall)
  • 649 King Edward
  • Leblanc parking lot
  • In front of the Lamoureux building

The community gardens are open from the early spring (May) and until mid-autumn (October).

The University of Ottawa’s Facilities Service is responsible for managing the garden spaces on campus. Facilities are responsible for providing the space and maintaining the grounds while community groups are responsible for organizing and managing the garden activities.

Campus map with four community gardens identified