We strive to create a sustainable food system that provides affordable and healthy food to the campus community.

We are working to create a sustainable food system on campus that caters to the needs of our community while being sensitive to social and environmental issues. Our goal is to increase the amount of local, organic, equitable, vegan, and vegetarian options on campus.

Sustainable food tips

Supporting local farmers is just the beginning. Learn about how to reduce your environmental impact though responsible food choices.

Look for the logos
Local, organic, vegetarian, vegan, and fair trade foods are available all over the campus. Learn what their logos are and keep an eye out for them.

Try plant based proteins
The University offers vegetarian and vegan alternatives at all locations on campus. Plant proteins are less expensive and have a much lower environmental footprint.

Give gardening a try
The University of Ottawa has a vast community gardening network available to the campus community. Garden plots are available in the summer and are free of charge.

Join the People’s Republic of Delicious 
The PRD is a student initiative which offers free vegan meals from food donations during lunch hours on Wednesdays in the University Centre Terminus.

For more tips, please check out our Sustainability Tips page.

Sustainable burger and salad with a smiley face on the plant-based burger patty

Food initiatives

Bottled Water Free Campus
In 2010, the University of Ottawa became Ontario's first bottled water free campus. Simple bottled water is not available for sale on campus. Instead, the University opted to install accessible water fountains everywhere on campus.

Fair Trade Campus
In 2013, the University of Ottawa became Canada's 7th Fair Trade Campus. With the help of Food Services, uOttawa has held this certification ever since.

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certification
The University is committed to sourcing and serving wild seafood that meets the world’s most rigorous standards for sustainable fishing and traceability.

Green Dining Hall
In 2017, the University of Ottawa's Dining Hall received a three-star rating by the Green Restaurant Association.

Growing vegetables in the Growcer hydroponically in a shipping container

Growing food on campus

The Growcer is a hydroponic food system that can grow up to 5,000 kilograms of food all year long.
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Fair Trade Campus

The University of Ottawa was the 7th campus in Canada to receive Fair Trade Campus designation.

Being a Fair Trade Campus is a commitment to supporting and educating about fair trade. It means ensuring that as many Fair trade products as possible, including food and drink, are available in as many places as possible in and around the campus. Increasing use and sale of Fair trade products can have a huge impact on producers and their communities.

Here's what we're doing to be a Fair Trade Campus. At all campus non-franchised outlets you will find:

  • All coffee is Fair Trade certified
  • At least three varieties of teas are Fair Trade certified;
  • At least one chocolate bar is Fair Trade certified
  • There is a poster explaining fair trade; and
  • There is a sign indicating that fair trade products are available.

As for franchised outlets:

  • Tim Hortons doesn't offer fair trade products
  • Only Starbucks espresso based drinks are Fair Trade
  • Second Cup coffees are 'fairly traded'
Farm basket of local vegetables including leeks, zucchini, and carrots delivered to uOttawa students and employees

Organic Farm Box

Finding it hard to source organic fruits and veggies? How about delivery? When you sign up for a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) food service, you’ll get a basket of fresh, organic, seasonal produce delivered to campus with your name on it – and you’ll be supporting a local farmer!
Learn more about the program