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The University of Ottawa is committed to research excellence and innovation. Its research centres and institutes provide valuable platforms for collaboration and the exchange of ideas among researchers, both within and across traditional disciplinary boundaries.
Martine Lagacé

“Building on partnerships and the expertise of our researchers, our research centres and institutes are the foundation of our strategy to advance knowledge and innovation while informing policy.”

Martine Lagacé

— Associate Vice-President, Research Promotion and Development

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Public governance
Public Governance Diaries
Public governance

The Centre on Governance launches "The Public Governance Diaries" video series

To mark its 25th anniversary, the Centre on Governance is launching the first episodes of “The Public Governance Diaries” video series.
Call for applications
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Call for applications

2022-2023 Knowledge Mobilization Grants–KMb (login required)

KMb grants support the research impact enhancement activities carried out by OVPRI-funded research centers and institutes.
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Climate crisis and biodiversity: the CELGS goes international to expand outreach

CELGS’ participation in the COPs fully aligns with its strategy to increase its impact on global environmental policies.

International collaboration research centres

Affiliated hospital research institutes

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Affiliated think-tanks

The University of Ottawa hosts think-tanks that have ties with government, business and community groups, including:

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