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Brain and Mind Research Institute

Since its establishment in 2012, the University of Ottawa’s Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI) has been committed to advancing interdisciplinary research excellence on the brain and mind for greater impact.
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uOttawa Brain and Mind Research Institute

The uOBMRI’s strength is in its unique virtual model to promote collaborations — across disciplines; across our affiliated research hospitals, between researchers and knowledge users; and across the Ottawa region and internationally.  

Featured events

uOBMRI Research Day event poster
Dec 9

uOBMRI Research Day

In celebration of its 10th year anniversary, the uOttawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI) is hosting a research day open to all of its Neuro…

uOBMRI logo and MS in Motion Ski Day logo, which features a graphic of 3 ski helmets and ski goggles above a background of a ski hill. Text at the bottom of the image reads "March 8, 2023. Join us to support the next generation of MS researchers and meet the experts, including Dr. Lisa Walker and Dr. Mark Freedman." There is a photo of Dr. Walker and a photo of Dr. Freedman.
Mar 8

MS in Motion

Join us for a day of skiing followed by our Après Ski Event at Mont Ste-Marie on March 8th, 2023. This event aims to raise awareness for multiple scle…

Brain Health Research Day event poster.
Jun 3

Brain Health Research Day

Thank you for attending our Brain Health Research Day 2022! We look forward to hosting our Neuroscience Community again in late Spring/early Summer 20…

About the Institute

Today, the uOBMRI is the largest institute at the University of Ottawa, and with over 250 members, one of the largest in the country, creating a dynamic hub for internationally recognized research and training. The uOBMRI leverages its extensive network by coordinating interdisciplinary research and training efforts across multiple university faculties, six affiliated hospital research institutes, Carleton University, and five internationally recognized research networks and centres.

The uOBMRI leads neurodiscovery through innovative research that transforms prevention and care for the health of individuals and society.

  • Support world-class research on brain and mind that fosters engagement and collaboration across disciplines, partners and communities;
  • Accelerate the creation and application of research-informed innovations that improve prevention, care and policies for the health and well-being of individuals and society; and
  • Recruit, inspire and develop the next generation of researchers, leaders and innovators.
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Our focus

Our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan

Latest news

Dr. Georg Northoff standing beside large blue statue of human brain

Groundbreaking brain research could pave the way for new non-drug treatments

Breathing techniques and music could eventually be deployed to treat mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression, thanks to groundbreaking …
Traumatic brain injury: Improving prevention, access to care and clinical research

Traumatic brain injury: Improving prevention, access to care and clinical research

Over 90% of TBIs are categorized as “mild”, but over 50% of such patients do not fully recover by 6 months after injury.
Dr. Simon Chen beside a microscope.

Dr. Simon Chen’s team reveals underpinnings of how motor memory forms

“If we understand how the acquisition of motor skills is regulated in the brain then perhaps one day we can help patients with stroke or Parkinson’s d…

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Full Professor
Director, uOBMRI
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Program Manager, uOBMRI
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Liaison and Communications Officer, uOBMRI
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Scientific Writer, uOBMRI
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