The University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI) works with its researchers to promote education and awareness about brain and mind-related health in the community.


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Brain and Mind Buzz Newsletter

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Dementia Prevention Webinar Series

This webinar series features several episodes dedicated to promoting dementia prevention research and healthy living practices to our uOBMRI community. The power for change is yours, and with our Dementia Prevention series, you have the power to understand how you can prevent dementia by embracing healthy lifestyle choices.

Dr. Hakim is world-renowned for his outstanding research into stroke and championing stroke prevention and treatment in Canada and beyond. He is also the author of "Save Your Mind – Seven Rules to Avoid Dementia."

  1. Introducing Dementia Prevention

  2. Building Up Your Brain's Memory and Cognitive Reserve

  3. Preventing and Treating Strokes

  4. Controlling and Correcting Elevated Blood Pressure

  5. Exploring the Links Between Obesity, Diet and Dementia

  6. Improving Memory Function Through Exercise

  7. The Importance of Quality Sleep

  8. Caring for Your Mental Health and Memory Function

Interested in learning more about Dementia Prevention? Check out our Dementia Prevention Website!