Do you see any behaviour that may be out of character or unusual for someone? Early intervention plays a key role in supporting mental health challenges.

When you submit a referral form concerning a student, a Student Support Coordinator will contact you soon to ask additional clarifying questions and determine next steps to help support you as well as the student. 

If you need to consult about case management services, you can submit a consultation request form and a member of the student support team will contact you shortly.

If you are concerned about a student’s immediate safety or it is an emergency situation, please contact Protection Services immediately at 613-562-5411.

Behaviour that is violent, destructive, harmful, aggressive or threatening to self or others. This is an emergency. 

  • Are they thinking frequently of harming themselves, or seriously considering suicide?  

  • Are they missing most of their classes or work? 

Changes in personal appearance and hygiene, low mood, avoidance of people, substance use concerns, disorganized thinking, expressions of hopelessness, or references to suicide. 

  • Avoiding family, coworkers and friends or feeling isolated. 

  • Stopped taking care of themselves or their personal hygiene. 

  • Something unexpected happened in their life, like a death or accident. 

  • Taking substances, like drugs or alcohol to cope. 

Difficulty with studies, family or relationship problems, chronic health conditions, difficulty concentrating, issues with sleep, increased interpersonal conflict. 

  • Feeling overwhelmed in their studies or work. 

  • Having family or relationship issues. 

  • Having difficulties concentrating or with sleeping. 

Non-judgmental and supportive language includes:  

  • “I have noticed...”  

  • “I am concerned...” 

  • “I hear what you are saying...”  

  • “How can I help you to...” 

Non-judgmental and supportive language includes: 

  • “What do you need in order to...”  

  • “Can I suggest...”  

  • “uOttawa Wellness website has lots of resources. Let’s look at it together...”  

We have resources to help. What works for them right now? 

Books and computer.

Resources Available in PDF