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Personalized health education program

Learn to navigate your health and wellness with a Health Promotion Specialist as part of your circle of care!

What to expect

During your appointment, the Health Promotion Specialist* will:  

  • work with you and your health care providers to determine the best care plan 
  • provide personalized health education 
  • help you navigate health and wellness resources
  • connect you with appropriate programs and services 

Learn about and get resources for: 

  • navigating a diagnosis (creating a care plan)  
  • lifestyle improvement (goal setting) 
  • sexual and reproductive health 
  • physical and/or nutritional health
  • mental and/or substance use health
  • health insurance 
  • services and support based on your demographic profile 
  • and more! 
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*Disclaimer: The Health Promotion Specialist is not a medical professional, and cannot provide medical advice, formulate diagnoses, or provide treatment, etc. They are trained in system navigation, health education and student support.

Frequently asked questions