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Health and wellness

Your health and wellness is a journey!


Sexual health
Two students with bandaids
Sexual health

HPV vaccination clinics

HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections in Canada. Book your appointment to get the vaccine!
Mental health
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Mental health

Therapy assisted online

Get free 24/7 access to mental health resources using TAO Self-Help!
Mental health
Group of people
Mental health

Student groups

Meet other students and contribute to the discussion based on your own successes and difficulties, in a safe and confidential space.
Mental health
students talking
Mental health

More feet on the ground

Learn to recognize, respond and refer students experiencing mental health issues on campus and best practices for reflecting after interacting with so…
Mental health
Harley Finkelstein and Lindsay Tau
Mental health

Talk entrepreneurship, family, and curiosity

The uOttaKnow podcast is back for a fifth season! Hosted by Gwen Madiba, uOttaKnow puts uOttawa alumni and researchers in the guest seat to talk about…
Mental health
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Mental health

Psychological health and safety in the workplace

Check out the new resource to have that conversation!

What is the wellness continuum?

During all stages of your life, and from one day to the next, it is normal to have varying needs for wellness support. The Wellness Continuum is a tool to help identify your current status and understand that it can vary within time. Consult, explore and select services and resources available to you at uOttawa and within the community

This is not a diagnostic tool. You can navigate the menu to learn more and find services and resources that are right for you.

wellness continuum

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