We want to create an environment where students have the opportunity to learn about and apply sustainability concepts in their academic pursuits.
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Vision for curriculum and research

Our vision is to create a campus where every student understands sustainability and increase the amount of sustainability learning opportunities on campus (both in and outside the classroom).
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Living Laboratory

Living laboratories are spaces and programs on campus that allow us to use social and cultural experiences to learn. Providing real-world experiences for students allows everyone to better understand our complex social, technological and environmental systems.

Some Living Laboratory spaces on campus include;

  • Cenovus Courtyard
  • Learning gardens
  • Lamoureux Greenhouse
  • Café Deja-vu kitchen

In class and extra-curricular programs are offered through the Careers and Experiential Learning Centre.

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Sustainable literacy

The Office of Campus Sustainability conducts an annually sustainability literacy test based of the framework of the Sulitest. The survey is administered to first year students to better understand their knowledge of sustainability concepts and initiatives on campus. The results are compiled by the Office of Campus Sustainability and used to improved programming and outreach.
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