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Campus view over the Rideau Canal
For us, at the University of Ottawa, sustainability isn’t just a job; it’s a lens through which we see the world.

The Office of Campus Sustainability (part of Facilities Services) strives to have sustainability integrated into daily life on campus in as many ways as possible, big and small — from taking notes on scrap paper to designing more energy-efficient campus facilities. It all matters, and often results in significant cost savings to the University and its students in addition to reducing our impact on the environment. 


LEED certified buildings on campus


Campus in Ontario to become bottled water free


Fair Trade Certified campus in Canada

Model of Sustainability

The University of Ottawa’s Sustainable Development Committee (SUSCOM) has adopted the 4C model of campus sustainability developed by Plymouth University to address different aspects of sustainability specific to a campus context.

The 4 Cs are:

  • Campus — Everything involving procurement for and the physical aspects of the campus, from buying to building, repairing, and everything in-between.
  • Community — The social relationships between community members on and off of the campus.
  • Culture — The values and policies forming the cultural foundation and influencing the governance of the campus.
  • Curriculum — The academic pursuits, the courses and the research activities that constitute the body of knowledge on campus.
students planting a potted garden on campus
A student spreads her arms out in front of a bird themed window mural

“Small actions can make a big difference. Helping achieve sustainability goals that are not only meaningful and important to me, but to my community as well, is highly rewarding.”

Mariana Carrillo Miranda

— 4th year student, Faculty of Arts

uOttawa Sustainability in the News

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plants from the living wall stretch out towards sunlight coming from the skylight
Emissions and climate change

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A green branch on a green background
Emissions and climate change

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Tabaret building in the fall

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