Here’s what you can do for Earth Hour or any day before leaving work for the weekend to help reduce our carbon footprint on campus.

Do something for Earth Hour

  • Unplug any appliance that doesn’t need to stay plugged in for the weekend. This includes battery chargers, appliances and electronic gadgets in your office (i.e., cell phones, lamps, coffeemakers, toasters).
  • Turn off lights whenever rooms are not in use.
  • Use power bars with an on/off feature, an automatic shut-off or integrated timers.
  • Disable screensavers on computer monitors.
  • Have your high-use incandescent bulbs replaced with Energy Star fluorescent bulbs by calling 2222.
  • Take advantage of the daylight by turning off lights if your office is near a window.
  • Report any waste of energy you notice to Facilities at extension 2222.
  • Tell a colleague about Earth Hour.
  • If you can, use the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Important note: Before turning off computers other than at your own workstation, please check with your manager to be sure they can be switched off. If you are unsure about other energy-saving measures you can take or in the case of any emergencies, please contact Protection Services.