Challenging period poverty.

What is the Period Project

Every person who menstruates likely has a story that feels embarrassing or shameful about their period even though it is simply our bodies performing natural, essential functions.

The Period Project is an initiative to offer free environmentally friendly menstrual products to the uOttawa community. The pilot project will take place between the Fall of 2021 until the Fall of 2023.

This project is the culmination of multiple social initiatives on campus, that have come together to achieve this goal. The partners include;

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Period Project Pilot

There are currently very few menstrual resources available on campus. Most importantly, there are no products available in washrooms. The first phase of this initiative is a pilot project to install dispensers in 7 washrooms on campus which started in the Fall of 2021. 

In this pilot we have 3 objectives:

  1. Provide free environmentally friendly menstrual products to the uOttawa community
  2. Spark more open conversations and to change the ongoing stigma surrounding periods
  3. Spread awareness about menstruation and menstrual products

The Future: We hope that this project will grow to eventually have dispensers installed all over campus. We also aspire to spread awareness to the uOttawa community about period poverty and the stigmatization of menstruation.

Period Project FAQs

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Period Project Impact Report

Read about the impact the Period Project has had on campus.
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