800 King Edward Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada

SITE building

Building Information

The SITE building was inaugurated in September 2002, becoming the southern gateway to the University of Ottawa.  The building is an aesthetic marvel that incorporates the latest in high-tech outfitting and energy efficiency. For example, hundreds of outlets are spread throughout the building in lounges and common areas; the entire south atrium acts as a solar-heat recycling system; and the building is equipped with a state-of-the-art heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system and an ultra-efficient lighting system.

The south atrium of the $49.8-million building rises six stories, spans the entire southwest side of the building, provides access to the Transitway and is also accessible from the rooftop of Colonel By Hall via an adjoining bridge. It offers a magnificent view of the Rideau Canal from the upper floor, especially at night.

Inspired by Paris’s Centre Georges Pompidou, renowned architect Ron Keenberg used bright colours, concrete and steel siding, and checkered floor tiles in his innovative design.


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