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Academic and research

As the largest bilingual French-English university in the world, we provide our students with over 450 graduate and undergraduate programs. You will teach alongside a team of professors who are passionate about their work and committed to helping students acquire the knowledge and skills they need to thrive as global citizens in a rapidly changing world.

The University of Ottawa is ranked one of the top 20 percent of postsecondary institutions in the world. Its faculty members have been redefining excellence since 1848. From developing innovative methods to freeze stems cells to informing impactful public policy, we’re building the future together. We know that the best solutions come from the intersection of diverse opinions, backgrounds, and ideas. 

A proud member of the U15 group of Canadian research universities, uOttawa is driven by excellence, relevance, and impact in research. Our faculty deliver research outcomes that enhance our understanding and transform the world we live in. With 94 Canada Research Chairs and over $350M in research revenue, uOttawa is a leader in addressing some of humanity’s most pressing issues: creating a sustainable environment, advancing just societies, shaping the digital world, and enabling lifelong health and wellness. 


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uOttawa is one of Canada’s top 10 research universities

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“The ability to advance knowledge for the prosperity of humanity has been very fulfilling. The professionalism and collegiality of this community at uOttawa is exemplary!”

Ebrahim Karimi, Ph.D.

— Professor, Faculty of Science and Canada Research Chair

As the world’s largest French-English bilingual university, uOttawa relies on dedicated and passionate faculty members, students and staff. We offer more than 75 undergraduate immersion programs throughout our six direct-entry faculties, as well as intensive second-language programs to ensure success for all students and faculty. Bilingualism at uOttawa inspires our students and reflects our commitment to diversity and our mission to establish an accessible space for all.

Campus in the capital

The University of Ottawa is located in the heart of the Canada’s capital. As one of Canada’s most liveable cities, Ottawa offers a safe, dynamic and multicultural hub for students and faculty alike.

Thanks to our proximity to both Parliament and the private sector, uOttawa collaborates with federal laboratories, industry, and policymakers to spearhead tangible change. Located in a G7 country, uOttawa provides an unparalleled environment for teaching, research, and career growth.

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Where research thrives

Research is deeply rooted in our culture. It is integrated into all levels of our undergraduate and graduate programs and is vital to our academic experience. Our faculty lead world-class research in photonics, vascular and cardiovascular heart, brain and mental health, public policy, human rights, and social justice, among other areas.

With six affiliated hospital research institutes, 24 research centres and institutes, 27 core facilities, and over $350M in research revenue, you will have access to the infrastructure, funding, and resources you need to pursue and achieve your research goals.

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Francophone culture

The University of Ottawa’s Francophone culture is embedded in its identity, distinguishing it from other post-secondary institutions in Canada and around the globe. One of uOttawa’s main priorities is the advancement of Francophone educators, researchers, and community members through groundbreaking research and collaborative relationships with renowned faculty and institutions.

The University of Ottawa is a designated institution under the province’s French-Language Services Act, furthering its commitment to promoting Francophone culture by offering undergraduate programs in most faculties in French and ensuring that all services on campus are available in both official languages.

Impacting the world

At uOttawa, you can make an impact where it matters most: shaping minds, training the leaders of tomorrow, and building the future. From probing the mysteries of the brain and mind to informing public policy, our research strives to foster sustainable environments, achieve just societies, embrace technological advancements, and reimagine health care.


Education and research are core to our spirit and integrity as an institution. Our faculty offer an engaging, collaborative, and experiential approach to learning to prepare work-ready leaders. Through research collaborations, uOttawa, in partnership with government bodies, the private sector, and community organizations, drives growth and innovation that affect lives locally, nationally and internationally.

Globally connected

uOttawa builds partnerships with international postsecondary institutions and communities to eliminate barriers and advance research. Our innovative research is at the core of partnerships with renowned institutions, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences, France’s Université de Lyon and the Centre national de la recherche scientifique, and Germany’s Max Planck Institutes.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

uOttawa is proud to be a diverse and multicultural institution with students, faculty, and staff from over 140 countries. We are a welcoming workplace, community, and institution: diversity is essential to achieving our mission. Our Accessibility Hub annually supports over 44,000 students and educators in identifying and removing barriers that impede learning and teaching. Our Human Rights Office helps faculties integrate inclusive practices into everyday teaching and all research efforts.

Manisha Kulkardi

“uOttawa values multi-disciplinary collaboration in promoting research innovation. I’m able to connect to researchers and knowledge users around the world to maximize the reach and impact of my work.”

Manisha Kulkarni, PhD

— Associate Professor, School of Epidemiology and Public Health (Faculty of Medecine)

International employment

Join an inclusive, global community built on the collaboration of passionate researchers, academics, and leaders of diverse backgrounds, lived experiences, and cultures. With over 140 countries represented among our faculty and student body, celebrating diversity and inclusion drive our engaging educational experience and impactful research.

We help employees achieve their goals of working in Canada and making it their home. Through the Immigration Program of Francophone Mobility, we further support bilingual (French / English) employees. If you are hired as a Temporary Foreign Worker, uOttawa will support you through the process of obtaining permanent residency.

Feel at home on our urban campus in the heart of Canada’s beautiful capital. Working in a G7 capital provides opportunities to build an international network and to collaborate with renowned academics, research institutions, and government bodies to foster social change and make a difference. You will have access to world-class facilities, research funding opportunities, the flexibility to design courses, and the ability to help develop leaders of tomorrow through your research and academic pursuits.

Whether you reside in Canada already or are joining us from across the globe, you belong in our community.

Employment and immigration support
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Marc-André Langlois, Ph.D.

“A strength of conducting research here is the close relationship with multidisciplinary researchers at affiliated hospitals and research institutes. This synergy enables world-class research.”

Marc-André Langlois, Ph.D.

— Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Executive Director of the CIHR CoVaRR-Net

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