The uOttawa-IBM Cyber Range is a unique learning, training and research facility where students, researchers and companies can work in a realistic, immersive environment to learn how to protect against cybersecurity threats.

About the Cyber Range

The uOttawa-IBM Cyber Range is globally unique in its structure and will operate in partnership with IBM’s global Security Cyber Range Team. Visitors will enjoy a full, immersive and interactive training setting in which to experience true-to-life cyber response scenarios in a full-scale security operations center (SOC) based on a fusion team model.

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On-site facilities

The Cyber Range is a space where individuals can see how they will react to a cyberattack. By understanding how people handle the scenario, companies can gauge the effectiveness of a strategic response.
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Virtual capabilities

Students and organizations can also train remotely, thanks to the state-of-the-art software. This software creates simulated and controlled cyberattacks that have real-life applications so users can learn to identify and neutralize software attacks.
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Multidisciplinary research

The Cyber Hub’s multidisciplinary approach to research means that our researchers share projects and knowledge. Some of their areas of expertise include AI, cybersecurity, cybercrime detection and prevention, and vulnerable software.

Thanks to its further focus on collaborative research and security innovation, the Cyber Range will pair IBM’s expertise in data analytics, deep learning, software, and systems with uOttawa’s research, training, and teaching strengths in disciplines that underpin cybersecurity and cyber safety.

The University of Ottawa is committed to forging relationships with organizations and to building the next generation of cybersecurity professionals from its students and researchers.


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The Cyber Range seeks to address the growing skills gap in cybersecurity and cyber safety. Cybersecurity affects every organization, and the need for certified skilled workers continues to grow. The uOttawa-IBM Cyber Range provides students and professionals with a space to learn, develop, and address these gaps in their experiences thanks to lessons learned through simulations with real data that can be applied in real life.

The Cyber Range has been developed to provide diverse organizations with greater access to state-of-the-art technology in order to build cybersecurity resilience across Canada. Through immersive learning and practice, students and professionals will learn how to better protect themselves against cyber attacks.

Opening: October 19

The uOttawa-IBM Cyber Range will enable learning, training, research, and outreach to keep governments, organizations, and individuals a step ahead of cyber threats.
Let's create security that moves faster than threats.
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Facility features

The Cyber Range is equipped with cutting-edge technology and assets for cybersecurity testing, planning, and training, including:

  • 30 stations equipped with iMacs where training and simulations take place
  • Latest IBM security software and services, like IBM's Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) QRadar, IBM Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), IBM Security® QRadar® SOAR (formerly Resilient®) and IBM Guardium®
  • RHEA Group’s Cyber Integration, Test and Evaluation Framework (CITEF™) for technical simulations
  • A diverse scenario library that can be accessed online and in person
  • Technologies that allow for the creation of an exact clone of your organization’s network and operational technology assets.

Services offered

Corporate training

Programs and certifications

Research at the Cyber Range

The activities conducted in the Cyber Range allow us to use real-world data in our research in close collaboration with our industry partners, ensuring that the innovations and solutions produced by our research teams at the Cyber Range have a direct impact on industry. For example, we are developing and testing new AI models to detect cyber attacks or abnormal network activities, to automatically detect malware and vulnerable code, and to identify ongoing cyber attacks as they occur.

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