The uOttawa-IBM Cyber Range is a unique training, learning, and research facility where individuals and organizations can practice comprehensive cybersecurity crisis management in a realistic, immersive environment.

About the Cyber Range

Located in the University of Ottawa's Cyber Hub, the uOttawa-IBM Cyber Range is globally unique in its structure. Operating in partnership with the international team of IBM's X-Force Cyber Range, it offers a full, immersive, and interactive training setting where students, businesses, and government organizations can experience real cyber response scenarios. Its role is also to raise public awareness and foster multidisciplinary research and collaboration between different stakeholders on how to anticipate, respond to, manage, contain, and remediate cyber-attacks.

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Training and learning

From microprograms offered by uOttawa’s Faculty of Engineering to professional certifications and customized experiences, cybersecurity training is available for students and specialists at all levels of organizations.
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Multidisciplinary research

The Cyber Hub’s multidisciplinary approach to research means that our researchers share projects and knowledge. Some of their areas of expertise include AI, cybersecurity, cybercrime detection and prevention, and vulnerable software.
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The uOttawa-IBM Cyber Range is dedicated to organizing and hosting cybersecurity awareness events for members of the public.

The Cyber Range aims to foster collaborative research and innovation.  With this in mind, we pair IBM's expertise in fields such as data analysis and processing, and systems and software design, with uOttawa's strengths in research, training and teaching in the disciplines that underpin cybersecurity.

The University of Ottawa is committed to forging relationships with organizations and to building the next generation of cybersecurity professionals from its students and researchers.


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Cyber Range Virtual tour

The uOttawa-IBM Cyber Range Lab's mission is to provide training, learning, research, and outreach so that governments, organizations, and individuals can stay ahead of cyber-attacks.
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Facility features

The Cyber Range is equipped with cutting-edge technology and assets for cybersecurity testing, planning, and training, including:

  • 30 iMac workstations for training and simulations
  • Latest IBM security software and services, like IBM's Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) QRadar, IBM Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), IBM Security® QRadar® SOAR (formerly Resilient®) and IBM Guardium®
  • RHEA Group’s Cyber Integration, Test and Evaluation Framework (CITEF™) for technical simulations
  • A diverse scenario library that can be accessed online and in person
  • Technologies for creating an exact clone of your organization's network and operational resources

Services offered

Corporate training

Programs and certifications

Research at the Cyber Range

The activities conducted at the Cyber Range allow us to test the findings of research carried out in close collaboration with industry partners on real data and realistic systems. This enables us to improve the industrial impact of the innovations and solutions produced by our research teams.

For example, we are developing and testing new artificial intelligence models to detect and identify cyber-attacks in real time, to spot abnormal network activity, or to automatically detect new malware or vulnerable code.