Computer screen with code.

Microprogram in Cybersecurity

Secure code development, applied cryptography, security awareness, cyber protection and more.

Before submitting your application to a graduate microprogram, make sure you have all the necessary documents.

This microprogram will enable you to

  • Deepen your knowledge of secure code development, applied cryptography, security awareness, cyber protection and more.
  • Understand security system design and components, as well as security policies, mechanisms, user authentication, applied encryption and devices for security analysis.
  • Learn about secure communication and applying cryptography in e-commerce.
  • Acquire new skills for professional and career enhancement.

This microprogram is ideal for students who wish to quickly acquire both general and specific knowledge about cybersecurity.

Program overview


Duration: Nine units, which can be applied toward certain master’s programs. 36 hours per course.

Language: Courses taught in English.

Admission requirements: Requirements depend on your student status. For details on prerequisites, see our course catalogue.


  • Graduate students (add a microprogram to your program of study)
  • Eligible undergraduate students (as part of an undergraduate degree)
  • Anyone working in industry, with the right background, interested in acquiring or updating specialized skills and knowledge without committing to a full degree program (You can complete a graduate microprogram of two or three courses and receive a certificate.)

Applying to a graduate microprogram

To apply, click on "Apply now (email)" and include the following documents to your email:

  • Application form for Cybersecurity (PDF, 143 KB)
  • Your CV indicating relevant work experience and education
  • Copies of transcripts from all postsecondary institutions you’ve attended
  • A short statement of intent with your reasons for wanting to take this microprogram (maximum 200 words)

For any question about microprograms, please contact the Graduate Studies Office.